Meet our Members

Meet the Members of the East County Art Association

The East County Art Association is a non-profit (501 C3) group composed of artists of all levels and tenures, as well as admirers and supporters of the arts in San Diego’s beautiful East County.​ Learn more about our members and their unique styles & techniques!

Kameron Burns

Working predominantly in surrealism, Kameron's paintings share creative portrayals of the world around him.

Linda Baltodano

An expert in ocean and marine life, Linda's impressionist style is full of bold strokes and movement.

Patricia Isinkaiye

Anna Lohse

Cherise Goode

A figurative and landscape artist, Cherise loves bold and bright colors that encourage love and celebration of the human experience.

Richard Ybarra

A skilled photographer, Richard has a variety of different works at the gallery spanning various subjects.

Lyubasha Hanley

Lorna Farmer

Annette Cirillo

Annette has a combination of paintings and food-safe charcuterie boards at the Gallery!

Vanessa Moreno

Creating a surrealist style through acrylic pours and figurative paintings.

Sandie Seckington

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