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Welcome to the East County Art Association, where our commitment lies in fostering an inclusive community that embraces diversity and provides equitable access to education. We believe in creating an environment that is not only welcoming but also collaborative and encouraging for all individuals.

A Member-Driven Community

The East County Art Association focuses on building relationships between our members and the community while providing support and advocation for local artists

About Us

The East County Art Association is a non-profit organization with a clear mission: to educate and provide resources for artists at every stage of their journey. We are committed to offering accessible and enriching educational opportunities, fostering a community that values differences, embraces diversity, and passionately appreciates the arts. In addition to our educational focus, we are here to support the community by harnessing the power of art for stress relief and healing through creative expression.

 Join us in our pursuit of artistic education, where creativity knows no bounds, and artists of all levels find the support they need to thrive while using art as a tool for personal well-being and community connection.

Current Exhibition

Carlos Castrejon Art Exhibition

Exhibit Location:
124 E Main St El Cajon Ca 92020

Exhibition Theme:
180° Encounters

Exhibition Dates:
June 8th – June 29th

What’s Happening at the Gallery

Carlos Castrejon

Reception Saturday June 15th @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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Member Benefits

By becoming a member of the East County Art Association, you not only invest in your artistic growth but also contribute to the vibrant and inclusive art community we’re dedicated to building and we can’t wait to get you involved!

As a member, you gain privileged access to our comprehensive educational workshops, designed to unlock your creativity and enhance your artistic skills. From hands-on techniques to insightful discussions, these workshops are tailored to elevate your artistic journey.

Members have the exciting opportunity to display their artwork in our community exhibitions, creating a platform to share your creations with a diverse audience. This exposure not only promotes your work but also fosters connections with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

Enjoy the perks of membership with invitations to our exclusive events. These gatherings provide a unique space for members to network, collaborate, and engage in the vibrant artistic community we’ve cultivated. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new artistic horizons.

We understand that creating art comes with its costs. Members receive special discounts on art supplies and services, making it more affordable to pursue your passion. Enjoy savings on everything from brushes and paints to framing and printing services.

Being a part of our art association means joining a supportive creative community that values diversity and encourages open expression. Share ideas, seek advice, and collaborate with fellow members who are equally passionate about the transformative power of art.

Stay in the loop with our regular updates and newsletters. Receive curated content, event announcements, and valuable insights into the art world. As a member, you’ll be the first to know about new opportunities, exhibitions, and educational initiatives.

Gallery + CAfe

Experience Art & Coffee at the Gallery

We are delighted to announce the grand opening of Surje Coffee Shop, and what better way to celebrate our love for coffee than through the world of art! We invite you to immerse yourself in the rich aroma and artistic inspiration that coffee brings.

Member Spotlight

Featured Monthly Member

Our Featured Members section is a showcase of the incredible individuals who contribute to the richness of our community. These exceptional members stand out for their achievements, creativity, and dedication. By highlighting their stories, talents, and expertise, we aim to inspire and connect our community even further. Whether they are entrepreneurs, innovators, or passionate enthusiasts, each Featured Member brings a unique perspective and valuable contributions to our platform. Join us in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional individuals who make our community thrive.

Maureen Kerr

Artist / Vice President ECAA

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