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Our Mission

The East County Art Association is a non-profit organization with a clear mission: to educate and provide resources for artists at every stage of their journey. We are committed to offering accessible and enriching educational opportunities, fostering a community that values differences, embraces diversity, and passionately appreciates the arts. In addition to our educational focus, we are here to support the community by harnessing the power of art for stress relief and healing through creative expression. Join us in our pursuit of artistic education, where creativity knows no bounds, and artists of all levels find the support they need to thrive while using art as a tool for personal well-being and community connection.

About Us

Welcome to The East County Art Association (ECAA) – Celebrating Art, Connecting Communities since 1986! Established in 1986 as the El Cajon Art Association (ECAA), our organization was born from the passion and creativity of a network of local artists dedicated to showcasing their masterpieces at community events and shopping centers. Over the years, we have evolved into a respected non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, weaving a rich tapestry of artistic expression throughout the East County community.

Welcome to the heart of The East County Art Association (ECAA), where creativity meets seasoned expertise. Our leadership team, headed by the visionary at the helm of the East County Art Association, boasts a collective experience of over 20 years in their respective fields of work. Most notably, many of our dedicated board members have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of ECAA, serving the organization for over four years. Since the establishment of our gallery in the vibrant Downtown El Cajon, our board members have been the driving force behind our artistic endeavors. We take immense pride in the strength and commitment of our leadership, and we invite you to take a moment to acquaint yourself with the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of The East County Art Association. Meet our Board Members – the architects of our creative legacy.

Linda ( Bem’s) Baltodano


Maureen Kerr

Vice President

Annette Cirillo


Walter I Lacayo JR


Deena Ledesma

Board Director

Midge Hyde

Board Director

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