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At The East County Art Association – ECAA , we welcome not only artists but also those who appreciate and support the transformative power of art in our community. You don’t need to be a practicing artist to become a valued member; whether you’re an art enthusiast, a patron of the arts, or someone who recognizes the profound impact of creativity, we invite you to join us. By becoming a member, you contribute to the growth and vitality of our artistic community, helping us create a space where everyone, regardless of artistic background, can come together to celebrate, learn, and enjoy the beauty of art. Join us in supporting the arts and being a vital part of our creative journey!
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We welcome artists and those who appreciate and support the transformative power of art in our community

Access to Exclusive Educational Workshops

As a member, you gain privileged access to our comprehensive educational workshops, designed to unlock your creativity and enhance your artistic skills. From hands-on techniques to insightful discussions, these workshops are tailored to elevate your artistic journey.

Showcasing Your Art in Community Exhibitions

Members have the exciting opportunity to display their artwork in our community exhibitions, creating a platform to share your creations with a diverse audience. This exposure not only promotes your work but also fosters connections with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

Invitations to Exclusive Events

Enjoy the perks of membership with invitations to our exclusive events. These gatherings provide a unique space for members to network, collaborate, and engage in the vibrant artistic community we’ve cultivated. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new artistic horizons.

Discounts on Art Supplies and Services

We understand that creating art comes with its costs. Members receive special discounts on art supplies and services, making it more affordable to pursue your passion. Enjoy savings on everything from brushes and paints to framing and printing services.

Access to a Supportive Creative Community

Being a part of our art association means joining a supportive creative community that values diversity and encourages open expression. Share ideas, seek advice, and collaborate with fellow members who are equally passionate about the transformative power of art.

Regular Updates and Newsletters

Stay in the loop with our regular updates and newsletters. Receive curated content, event announcements, and valuable insights into the art world. As a member, you’ll be the first to know about new opportunities, exhibitions, and educational initiatives.

  • Educational Workshops
  • Community Exhibitions
  • Exclusive Access

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East County Art Association works hard to provide a creative anchor within our local community through educational workshops, special events and exclusive member experiences.

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